BD.36.18.32 Moduline Workbench

Developed as a reliable and durable solution for industrial environments, 36.18.32 Workbench combines corporate needs with effective features in a functional design.

  • Dimensions: H2020xW3720xD530 mm.
  • Weight (excluding accessories): 422 kg.
  • DKP and HRP sheet metal material.
  • Electrostatic powder coating.
  • RAL7001 (Light gray) and RAL1028 (Light orange) (Optional colours available)
  • H375xW620xD15mm x6 mm perforated panel size.
  • H300xW620xD15mm x2 mm perforated panel size.
  • W2480xD550 tabletop size (x1).
  • 40mm solid wood tabletop.
  • 8 pieces of covered 220V grounded socket (IP44 Protection Class).
  • LED lighting (3x14W Switched Led Strip Luminaire).

BD.36.18.32 Workbench
Re-defining Industrial Standards

The BD.36.18.32 model of the Modular Workbench Series, developed by Bodur Industrial, is ready to take part in all of your assembly, maintenance, service, production and R&D projects with its durable body, modules that have proven themselves under heavy conditions, rich accessory and colour options.

BD.36.18.32 Moduline Workbench
BD.36.18.01 Moduline Workbench

Innovative and Tough
Modular Workbench Series

The BD.36.18.32 Moduline Workbench was developed as the new generation member of the Modular Workbench product group that our company has been producing for many years.

With its completely renewed eye-catching and different design, advanced technical features and durable structure, BD.36.18.32 quickly became one of the most preferred cabins for industrial applications.

BD.36.18.32 Moduline Workbench

Textured Powder Coating
Against Impact and Scratches

Prior to painting, phosphating process is applied for high paint durability. Textured powder coating is used to provide the highest resistance against impacts and scratches.

BD.36.18.01 Moduline Banco de Trabajo - Armario

Stylish and Durable
Steel Body

Our cabins, made of a combination of DC01, HRB and stainless steel materials with excellent corrosion resistance, are manufactured as steel structures and designed to serve for years under all kinds of tough conditions in heavy industrial environments.

Galvanized shelves with adjustable height are available inside the cabinet, and M12 leveling feet are located under the shelves.

Ergonomic and Safe
Working Environment

The user experience is emphasized, and the design of the workspace is intended to meet the ergonomic and safety requirements, such as access to materials in the workspace and lighting.

BD.36.18.02 Moduline  Banco de Trabajo panel perforado H375xW620xD15mm x3 mm.

High Durability and
Safety Together

All drawers and doors can be locked. Telescopic rails are used in drawers where heavy materials will be stored, and the durability of the drawers is increased.

Optionally, metal separator channels with adjustable width can be added to the inside of the drawers.

BD.36.18.01 Moduline Banco de Trabajo - Cajones

Wooden and Stainless Steel Options
on Tabletop

30 mm. solid beech wood tabletop or 30 mm. MDF tabletop coated with 1.20 mm. stainless steel sheet options are available.

BD.36.18.01 Moduline Banco de Trabajo - Superficie de trabajo de W1240xD550 mm / Tablero de 30 mm de MDF

Wide Accessory Options on
Perforated Panel

We have a wide range of in-house produced panel hooks and accessories.

BD.36.18.01 Banco de Trabajo Modular - Panel perforado de H375xW620xD15 mm x3 mm.
BD.36.18.01 Moduline Workbench

2-Year Warranty

All of our products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and spare parts support.